Long-time readers know that crows have strong societal bonds, whether it be between pairs who stay with the same partner for life, or siblings who return to their parents’ territory to help raise their new brothers and sisters. Families have territories but will cooperate with neighbors, especially to chase off predators or harass humans who have displeased them in some way. Each group has a leader who keeps things running smoothly.

Apollo is the Crow-in-Charge at Diva Crows. He has chronicled how he achieved that status in the recently-published Apollo Finds a Home.

Hello! I’m Apollo, an American Crow,
You could count on one hand the things I don’t know.
Crows possess brains that  are  impressively large,
meaning it made sense to put me in charge
of this place which pursues a most vital mission
to help any bird who is in dire condition.

On occasion a Crow-in-Charge will issue a Ucawse — the correct spelling of Ukase, a decree issued by the Russian czars. Apollo, has just issued his first:

It has come to Our attention that one of our minions, hereinafter known as “Surprisingly Talented Woman” has won First Place in a photography contest. (Humans refer to her as “Samantha Sparks” for reasons best known to themselves.) Of course STW should have won because she took this stunning photograph of Us.

However, she won for this photo of a Blue Heron stalking bullfrogs at a nature preserve, which We proclaim to be OK, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Photo by Sam Sparks, Winner as judged by professional photographer in the Animal Section of the Photo Crowd Contest. All Rights Reserved.

Accordingly, all Humans are hereby Ordered to be impressed and acknowledge that Our minions, especially Surprisingly Talented Woman, are the Best.

Done, this 55th Day before the 2022 Crow Moon, in the second year of Our reign.