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Skipper and Private Before Release

I released Skipper and Private, the two crows I’ve had in rehab for the last month or so. Juveniles crows are beginning to appear in the neighborhood, so it was time to let the two of them join the local corvid marauders to catch up on their “how to be a crow” training.

Chasing these guys down was not easy, but I was determined to release them together so that they would have each other for support. I can attest that their flying and dodging abilities, as well as their fear of humans, are all in tip-top shape. I called in reinforcements, and with the help of Super Son and Super Husband, we staged a simultaneous release.


In spite of all this careful planning, Skipper was gone in one direction in nanoseconds; Private went in the opposite direction and spent a few minutes hanging out on a branch before disappearing. And once again, Crows-1, humans-0. Bon Voyage, my friends! Be well, whether as a pair or on your own.