How Old Am I?

Determining the age of a bird can be extremely difficult (even we can struggle!), but you can start by deciding which bird on this page is most similar to the one you have found and click on the appropriate link.


A bird just out of the egg. Pink. Wispy down but no feathers. Closed eyes.


A bird that remains in the nest until it is able to fly. Has some feathers but no tail. Cannot fly. Some feathers still might have hard casing around them.


A bird that has left the nest and is acquiring its first set of flight feathers but is still dependent upon parent birds for food and care. Often found on the ground. Can move but is not fully flighted yet. May not move away from people.


A young bird, not yet capable of breeding, but has a full set of feathers, although its plumage is mostly soft feathers that will be replaced in a later molt. Can fly and move around with ease.


A mature bird capable of breeding and in its definitive plumage.