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We Know Birds!

We have been working with education animals and injured birds since 2012. Our expert team work to provide all birds that come into our possetions with expert care!  Many of our birds come to us with injuries due to human interactions. Here at Diva Crows we do our best to re-release as many birds as possible. 

When a bird cannot be released they can become education birds. These birds are determined by rehabbers and a veterinarian to be non-releasable. Due to this many of them are adapted to human and are models of their species

We Do Education Best!

Our Animal Handlers have experience teaching and working with animals from all around the world. All Educators have experience teaching in zoos, classroom settings, nature centers

Help Feed the Birds

We receive no support for rehabbing the 200 or so songbirds that come through here each summer, demanding food, shelter, and a college education (ok, maybe not the last one). Feeding them, cleaning up after them, providing cages of the appropriate size, and covering vet bills adds up quickly. Donations through the Diva Crows Amazon wish list or our Paypal are deeply appreciated.

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