Stephen and Gwen’s baby girl is now a media star. At least she has her own press release, issued by the Maymont press office on February 1. She is, however, in desperate need of a stylist, unless the feather sticking up is some sort of statement of adolescent rebellion, perhaps the corvid equivalent of a mohawk. If that’s the case, Ginny is onto something because Mamma Gwendolen would be appalled. She never allows herself to be photographed with a feather out of place. In all fairness to Ginny, however, she has yet to have her first molt. The uneven delineation between black and white feathers is one way to spot a juvenile bird.

Ginny has also made her first video: a prediction of this year’s Super Bowl winner. Notice how she pulls up the bowl to get it within her reach. She can, I suppose, be forgiven for calling for a Patriot win, as just about everyone else did too, and they’ve actually seen a football game.