Meet the Team

Catherine Sevcenko - Director

Catherine Sevcenko is a civil rights attorney who has been working with corvids for nearly a decade. She began her avian odyssey rehabilitating raptors and then switched to songbirds. That work introduced her to crows and led to the establishment of Diva Crows, first as a Facebook page and now as as a small organization. Catherine holds federal and state rehabilitation and education permits. She is primary caretaker for Aurora, the current Diva Crow in Charge.

Lara Kazo - Wildlife Specialist

Lara Kazo is a Wildlife Biologist with a bachelors degree in Wildlife Conservation and Biology from the Univeristy of Rhode Island. Lara has worked at several wildlife rehab centers including the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island and Wildbase Recovery Center in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Currently pursuing a M.S. degree in Environmental Science and Policy with a focus in conservation, Lara studies the affect of fragmentation and noise pollution on birds in Virginia and in South America.

Meg Gisonda Mendelssohn - Environmental Educator

Meg is an anthropologist and PhD student in Environmental Science and Policy who studies climate change from the nature-culture nexus of indigenous people around the world. She started in animal rehab with bat research in 2013 and started working at Diva Crows in June 2019. She is currently working towards her falconry license to begin caring for raptors and has two tri-pawed dogs. Her love for animals extends back to her early childhood, and her greatest wish in life is for trash humans to stop kidnapping baby birds in Spring

Taryn Noelle Kloeden - Research

Taryn Noelle Kloeden is a lover of nature and all things furry, scaled, and feathered. As a PhD student in environmental science, with a master’s degree in anthrozoology, she is dedicating her life to protecting the health of our ecosystems. Her research focuses on the nexus of the social and natural sciences, especially as they relate to instances of human-wildlife conflict.

Taryn is currently partnering with Diva Crows to develop scientific research projects to advance the practice of wildlife rehabilitation.

Julianna Hazera - Intern

Julianna Hazera is a third year undergraduate at Oregon State University pursuing a bachelors degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science. She is also a research intern with the Smithsonian Conservation Commons, conducting a systematic review under a post-doctoral fellow on effects of agroforestry practices on biodiversity. Having spent four years caring for dogs at local boarding facilities and animal rescues, she enjoys working with animals of all species and is excited to expand her experience to include wild bird rehabilitation as an intern at Diva Crows. She finds animal behavior fascinating and hopes to combine her interests through a researching conservation behavior. When she has a free moment, she enjoys spending time with her dog and two rabbits.

Melissa Pineda-Perez - Intern

Melissa Pineda-Perez is currently an undergrad student at Virginia Tech double majoring in Animal and Poultry Sciences and Biology. Melissa is working towards her future career goal of becoming a small animal veterinarian; she also hopes to specialize working with birds. She absolutely loves birds and currently owns budgies and doves. She can’t wait to work with everyone, especially the birds, at Diva Crows!